Sunday, February 24, 2013

What's in your model bag?

Packing for a modeling job and audition are very important and should always be done the day before. Besides what the client requests I always carry the following:

Audition Bag Essentials
1) I never leave home with out my portfolio. In preparation for my audition, I research the client and try to rearrange my pictures to best suit their needs. Example, if the audition is for Ashley Stewart, I will make sure that the pictures in the front match the curvy, confident, sexy look that the brand usually markets.

Also....your book should be in your HAND when you are in the lobby of the building. You should NOT be looking for it in front of the client (it makes you looks frazzled and disorganized).

TIP: Clients know after seeing the first 2-4 pictures if you are what they looking for and very few go through the entire book.
2) Make sure you have at least 6 comp cards available. Comp cards should be inside the back sleeve of your portfolio book.

3) In case you are asked to try something on.... bring the following:
·         a strapless seamless bra
·         high-waisted spanx
·         thong and bra inserts (just in case u need to add a little extra in the cup).
**Don't show up with a suitcase to an audition but bring the essentials.**

4) smart phone and charger....remember you never know when u will get that email or call for the next casting so you need to be connected at all times.

5) small makeup bag with items needed for a touch-up if needed; powder, lip gloss, blush, brush and sponge. Running from audition to audition can make u sweat so make sure you look fresh before you walk in...stop at a restroom first where you can do a mirror check.

Job Essentials

1) This bag might be bigger if u pack like me or you might want to invest in a small suitcase with wheels.

2) You booked the job I wouldn't bring my portfolio but I would bring a few comp cards and biz cards for the team (makeup artist, hair, stylist, and photographer).

3) Seamless strapless bra (black & nude), seamless bra (black & nude), few shape wear options..think of the potential outfits u might wear.

4) Bra inserts

5) Full makeup bag never know if the booked makeup artist cancels or doesn't have your foundation color available.

6) Bring a pack of eyelashes sometimes that isn't in their budget but we all know how that makes us feel when we have them on :-).

7) If you don't wear hair extensions invest in human hair clip-ins. It adds volume and length and most clients ask for them even if you have long hair. For those who wear wigs or extension make sure u have the hair that the client requested when they booked you and make sure its 100% hair and able to take heat. If you have glue in tracks....pack your glue and remover in case.

8) Bring some hair stuff your curling iron or flat iron, travel hair spray, brush, bobby pins, comb, in case your hair person cancels

9) Lotion

10) Bite size snack and water for long day (nothing that will stick in your teeth, color your tongue/mess up your lipstick, give you bad breathe or too greasy that can get the outfit dirty)

11) Phone and charger

12) Nail kit (glue and filler just in case you need to repair one)

13) Model invoice book (discuss in another topic)

14) Short robe to use between set changes (silk robes work best because their light weight and easy to store away)

15) Travel size pack of non odor, clear deodorant or antiperspirant