Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Photoshoot Time!

As a model one of the most important things to have are quality portfolio pictures. The quality of your pictures will determine the type of work you will book. We all heard the saying "You get what you paid for..." and this is true when it comes to your pictures. I still book jobs from some of my timeless quality pictures that were shot over 6 years ago.

I recommend that aspiring models test with a few photographers or with your friends just to practice and review how certain poses, makeup and clothing looks on camera before you spend the big bucks. When you feel ready to get serious about your craft you will need to save up to shoot with one of the top dogs in the industry.

When it comes to creating pictures that will get you booked and stand the test of time you will need to invest in the ultimate "Dream Team". What's a dream team? A killer makeup artist, hair stylist, fashion stylist, photographer and retoucher. Everyone in the team is equally as important. If you attempt to cut corners you will see the affects in the final product.

Most photographers will tell you "I can shoot plus size models." but the truth is that shooting us is a skill and not all photographers know how to properly capture our curves. I listed just a few of the extraordinary photographers in the plus size industry. The price ranges for their services are between $500-$900. Contact them directly for prices and inquire about any upcoming sales or promotions.


Lucas Pictures - (New York based) 


Stanley Desbas - (New York based)


Nikki Gomez - (New York based)


Inez Lewis - (Los Angeles based)


Captured by Chelzea - (Canada based)


Michael Anthony Hermogeno - (Los Angeles based)


Enrique Vega Photography - (New York based)


 (Ask about their travel plans, they all travel frequently.)

Professional Hair and Makeup are so important at a shoot and need to be selected wisely. I usually start by asking the photographer who he/she recommends. Sometimes the photographer has a rate that includes hair and makeup. But, remember this is YOUR shoot so make sure you review samples of the makeup/hair stylists work before you give the final OK to use them. Models, you can be selective this is a big financial investment and you are the boss of this shoot. Also be prepared to hire a person for hair and a person for makeup. Very few do both task flawlessly. The price range for a makeup artist and hairstylist is $200+ each. After working in the industry for so many years I have my go to glam squad.


Tara Taylor - Makeup Artist Only (NY Based)


Makeup By Johanna Javier - Makeup and Hair (NY Based) 


Brown Candy Design - Makeup and Hair (NY Based)


 (Ask about their travel plans, they all travel frequently.)

Fashion Stylist is one piece that I have tried to cut off my budget and I must say the stress of putting things together is so overwhelming that I regretted not having one. I consider myself a fashionista and I love to shop but when it comes to shopping for a shoot I feel so much pressure to look great that I become useless. Before selecting a stylist I would recommend asking the photographer. Based on your budget and theme he/she will be able to recommend someone who they've worked with before. Again check out their work before you agree to book them. The price range for a fashion stylist various so much but be prepared to pay over $300. The stylist on set will be responsible for making sure you look great throughout the shoot. Some will shop with you. Some will raid your closet and see what you have that might work for the shoot and others might bring amazing stuff from designers and department stores. Here are some great ones to consider.

Spry Lee Scott - (NY/LA Based)


Meaghan O'Connor - (NY Based)


Steffany Allen - (NY Based)


Reah Norman - (LA Based)

 (Ask about their travel plans, they all travel frequently.)


After the shoot is over the photographer will usually email you a link to all your pictures or mail you a disk...either way you need to get them cleaned up by a retoucher before they become your "money makers". No matter how pretty you think the picture is don't ever release without cleaning up any imperfections or correcting lighting. Most photographers include 1 retouched picture per look so make sure you inquire about that when you book your photographer. Another model recently introduce me to an awesome website; They are affordable, quick and willing to make changes until you are happy with the image.



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