Thursday, October 31, 2013

"On The Grind” - Jeannie Ferguson:

Amazing things come in small package and this 5'3 curvy diva is one of the best in the industry.
Ms. Jeannie Ferguson has knocked down many barriers and overcame tremendoous obstcles in a land of glamazons. Ladies, read her story and be inspired.

Christina: How long have you been a plus size model?

Jeannie Ferguson: I've been a plus model for 7 years professionally and 3 years aspiring.

Christina: Have you ever been signed exclusively to a modeling agency? Is so, which one?

Jeannie Ferguson: I've never been signed exclusively, however I was signed to MSA many, many moons ago. LOL! Nothing ever came out of me being signed, since there was no market for Petite Plus. Now I am signed to True Model Management for Fit.

Christina: Name some of the modeling assignments you have booked on your own?

Jeannie Ferguson: BET's Rip The Runway, The Slim & Toned Legging Infomercial, TLC Show Big Brooklyn Style, Glamour Magazine, FFFWK, NJFFFWK just to name a few. I've truly been blessed to work and not have an agent.

Christina: Other than the non-exclusive agencies you work with how do you get most of your jobs?

Jeannie Ferguson: I get most of my jobs thru word of mouth of clients, submitting to the companies directly and "The Sharing is Caring" created by the 1 and only Christina Mendez.

Christina: Do you model full time? If no, what is your other hustle?

Jeannie Ferguson:  At this time, I do not model fulltime. I am a Pre-Production manger.

Christina: You are a well known model with an amazing following. How did you achieve your name recognition and fan base?

Jeannie Ferguson: I achieved the recognition by treating others the way I want to be treated. I too was an aspiring model at a time and I know how it is to have some of the big names look down there nose at you...huh some of them still do. But, I remain as humble and as grateful as possible.

Christina: As a woman who is 5’3 have you ever felt discouraged to pursue a career in the industry?

Jeannie Ferguson: Yes! At a time I was constantly told no because I was too short or I am not a real model because of my look and height. It can be very, very depressing.

Christina: On a previous post I did titled “Dry Spell” I highlight the “Walk This Way” workshop you created. How did that come about?

Jeannie Ferguson:  I was always asked by some of the aspiring models, how can I walk like you or can you show me how to walk with confidence. I fought with myself and consulted with my dear friend Mia Amber and "The Walk This Way with Confidence Class" was created. PLEASE NOTE I LOOOOVE TEACHING MY CLASS.

Christina: If you could use 3 words to describe your “modeling hustle” what would it be?

Jeannie Ferguson: Confident, Strong and Neverending.

Christina: Any final thoughts for our fellow aspiring and professional model on the grind?

Jeannie Ferguson: Keep on keeping on. Don't give up because someone tells you no. Research and study the ways of the industry and don't feel like your the best. Humility is key!
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