Monday, November 18, 2013

Shut the hell up!!!!


The title is harsh but in this industry you need to learn to keep your mouth shut and most of the time your opinions to yourself.

I been in the industry for over 8 years and I must say my mouth has cause me friendships, gigs and tarnish relationships. Like they say you learn from your mistakes and I hope you learn from mines too. Below are some examples;

  • This has happen to me a lot. When at a shoot or fashion show the designer or the stylist could be clueless on what looks good on your body type and insist on pairing you with a dress that makes you look like Sponge Bob Square Pants. As much as you want to tell him or her to please quit their job and seek another profession you need to politely smile and sell that muumuu to the world. IF they ask, I suggest you to steer lightly and either say "yes" or if you feel their like they can take it you can say "I usually wear something to show my waist...because it make me look skinner BUT if you like it I LOVE it." Remember designers are very very sensitive about their pieces so I rather just say YES to avoid a designer meltdown. A job is a job and we won't like them all. Simply give it your all and do the best you can.

  • In this industry you will find a handful of models that will act like your friends and truly genuine about that. Be very very careful what you say and who you say it too. I have fail in this department many times. Some folks will trash talk someone with you and then repeat the story to them minus their comments. As cool as you might think they are say less and smile more.  Keep industry friend conversation away from industry topics.

  • I am strong believer that what is meant for you is for you but I have notice that I have tweeted, Facebook or IG about a new potential client and other models are quick to jump on my job and at times sweep the gig right out of my hand. I know it's the nature of the business so from now on I only talk about it if I am on set or if I have a signed contract. I share potential gigs and clients with many models but taking a gig before I shoot it is cold blooded and happens more then you think so be careful ladies.

  • Acting biter or posting stuff on social media sites about not booking a gig or losing a client is very unprofessional. In this industry you will get 96% NO and 4% YES so acting like a 2yr old child will turn off potential clients. For every gig you don't get God has lined up many more. Change your attitude and keep it moving. 

Your journey is based on every accomplishment, every success, every mistake, and every lesson so have no worries, dust yourself off and keep on working.

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