Sunday, April 13, 2014

What is a cattle call?

Cattle calls is a mass audition in which a large number of models try out. These castings are filled with models of all sizes, ethnicity, background and experience. This is one of the hardest to book.

Wait times are long and space is limited inside the audition location. Here are some tips to survive a cattle call.

1. Travel lite. Bring ONLY the essentials. But don't forget to pack a small makeup bag to touchup as you approach the front of the line. No matter how long you've been waiting you should look fresh once you approach the front. See post What's in your model bag?

2. Be alert. Usually announcements are done and you might miss something if you too focus on chatting with your friends on line. Remember this is a job interview so leave the "hanging out" until after the audition.

3. Think of packing a pair of flats. It's never cool to stand in heels for a long time. Your feet should be relaxed before your audition.

4. Consider bringing a light snack and a bottle of water. Maybe some nuts or dry fruits. Wait time can exceed over an hours and if you are anything like me I have a hard time doing anything when I am hungry.

5. Get to know the person in front and behind you incase you need a bathroom break.

6. Don't feed into negative thoughts or conversations online or in the waiting room. If you hear it, ignore it or walk away if possible. Worst thing before an audition is a negative or defeated spirit. Sample of negative conversation that I have heard in the past are
  • They already have their favorites.
  • They want tall girls.
  • They want bigger/smaller girls.
Get an invisible ear plug and drain all that BS. Give it your best and God will do the rest. See post Shut the hell up!!!!

7. Once you are approaching the front of the line take out your portfolio book and comp card and put on your heels so you will have the essential ready to be seen by the casting team (unless otherwise noted).

8. Although many casting directors allow regular snap shots I assure you that a comp card is preferred and will set you apart from the amateurs. Be prepared and invest in your craft. See post Photoshoot Time!

9. Be patient and wait for their decision...never ever contact them. This can take sometime or be very quickly. Regardless of the outcome please note that modeling involves more NOs then YESs.

And on to the next one we go.

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